VICIS Reconditioning and Recertification (R2)

To ensure your ZERO1 maintains its high levels of performance and player protection, annual reconditioning and recertification is required. The VICIS Reconditioning and Recertification program (VICIS R2) includes inspection, cleaning, maintenance, NOCSAE testing & recertification, polishing the outer shell (if applicable), and parts replacement and repainting services (if necessary). Please contact VICIS customer support at to begin the reconditioning and recertification process.


The VICIS R2 Process:

CONTACT US:  After the season, contact VICIS Customer Support at  to arrange shipment of your ZERO1 for R2 services.

SHIP:  Ship your ZERO1 to our facility in Seattle.

INSPECTION: We will inspect your helmet and provide you with our service recommendations and the expected price for any work that is required. No services will be performed until you approve the work.

R2 SERVICES: We’ll do what it takes to return your ZERO1 to NOCSAE Standards and VICIS specifications.

YOU’RE READY: Your factory reconditioned and recertified ZERO1 will be returned to you, ready to provide outstanding performance and protection for another season of play.



What do you do to my helmet?

Our Factory trained VICIS Technicians will do the following:

  • Perform a complete inspection
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize
  • Replace chinstrap and facemask attachment hardware (snap posts, T-nuts, screws)
  • Perform any warranty repairs
  • Install any replacement parts (with your prior approval)
  • Polishing the outer shell
  • Complete NOCSAE testing and recertification
  • Repaint (by request)
  • Refinish facemask (by request)


What should I send back? (liners, chincups, mouthguards, eye shields, etc?)

Send all the original components of your ZERO1. This includes the helmet shell, facemask, all connection hardware (including snap posts, T-nuts, screws, and jawpad retention studs), FORM liners (both used and unused), and jawpads. Please DO NOT send chincups, mouthguards, or eye shields.  If these items are sent, they will be not be returned with your reconditioned ZERO1.


How long will it take to get my helmet back?

Usually we will return your ZERO1 4-6 weeks after you approve your service recommendation, which will be accompanied by a quote for additional components or services.


How much does reconditioning and recertification cost for the ZERO1?

Our base R2 Service costs $75 and includes the following:

  • Complete inspection by a factory trained VICIS technician
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitizing
  • Replacement of chinstrap and facemask attachment hardware (snap posts, T-nuts, and screws)
  • Polishing of the ZERO1 outer shell
  • Complete NOCSAE testing and recertification
  • Any warranty repairs

If any other replacement parts or services are needed, you will receive a quote prior to the completion of any R2 services.

Repainting, facemask refinishing, and shipping costs are not included in the base R2 service. If you request repainting or refinishing for your ZERO1, we will provide a cost estimate before the work is done.

For team reconditioning services, please contact your VICIS representative. 


Why can’t I send my helmet to one of the other reconditioners?

The VICIS ZERO1 is unlike any other football helmet ever made, and therefore requires specialized reconditioning processes and procedures.  This includes a proprietary paint system designed specifically to optimize adhesion and durability on our flexible outer shell. No other reconditioner is certified to paint the ZERO1.  Caution: If an alternative paint system is used, it may compromise the performance of the outer shell.  At this time, only VICIS Factory Technicians have the skills and training to perform these services. 

VICIS is a member of the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioner Association (NAERA), an association of athletic equipment reconditioners licensed by NOCSAE to recertify football and other athletic helmets. 


Who pays shipping?

Our base R2 Service does not include shipping and handling.


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